Saturday, January 23, 2010

Andy Dick gropes dick; ends up in pokey.

Andy Dick (the most aptly named comedian in Hollywood) was arrested for allegedly grabbing a bouncer's cock and groping a male patron in a bar in Huntington, West Virginia.  Andy must have forgotten he was in West Virginia not West Hollywood.  The only gay sex they put up with there is of the humiliating Deliverance variety.  ("You sure gotta pretty mouth."  "Squeal like a piggy...eeeehhh....eeeeehhh...eeeeeehhhh!")

Andy wearing his "Did I just smell vagina?" face.

Through his attorney Mr. Dick denies all but his track record does not bode well for his innocence.   Andy, at least, is an equal opportunity offender in as much as his last arrest involved pulling down the top of a 17 year old girl.  For those who didn't know Andy has been known to have problems with drugs and alcohol.

Andy Dick.
The poster child for sober living.

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