Friday, June 4, 2010

Senile Rocker performs at White House because Barack Obama has nothing else to occupy his time.

Anyone who's read this blog for awhile is aware that I grew up a huge Beatles fan.  That said, Paul McCartney was always my least favorite.  Even from the beginning he always had the air of a man that was just way too pleased with himself.

So it shouldn't come as any surprise, I suppose, that he would see a kindred spirit in our own Narcissist in Chief, Barack the Magnificent.  The two leading members of their own fan clubs got together the other night in honor of Sir Paul receiving the Gershwin Prize.  After kissing the rather large ass of the First Lady by dedicating the treacly chestnut "Michelle" to her, Sir Paul, the private jet flying environmentalist, had to throw a dig at George Bush while planting his nose firmly between the butt cheeks of the current president.  Here's what the Mozart who wrote "Silly Love Songs" said, [Referencing the Library of Congress] "After the last eight years, it's great to have a president who knows what a library is."  After this brilliant bon mot all the attending sycophants, suck-ups and Washington leeches hooted and clapped like the good little trained seals they are.  Here's the clip.

You see.  It's funny because EVERYBODY knows that George W. Bush was the stupidest man to ever occupy the Oval Office.  (Except when he was being an Evil Genius of Machiavellian proportions.)  And EVERYBODY knows that Barack Hussein Obama is a whiz kid of uniquely boundless intellect and leadership abilities that are beyond the understanding of us ungrateful wretches that he deigns to give His governance over.  No affirmative action hire He.

Poor George Bush.  When reached for comment regarding Sir Paul's assessment of his lack of intellectual firepower all Dubya could do was shake his head and say, "I might be stupid.  But even I'm not stupid enough to marry a one-legged, gold-digging fucking whore who took me to the cleaners to the tune of 40 million dollars just for the privilege of getting rid of her."

Update:  As tbird points out in his comment it was 38.9 million and I have corrected my typo (and rounded up).  I guess I should be more accurate even when I'm making up quotes.  I wholeheartedly agree with tbird that is still some majorly expensive poon, even if amputee sex is your bag, baby.  


  1. Gee whiz Mr. Funeral guy, I could not find that glib GW comeback quote anywhere else on the web but here. Could it be that magical attribution was hatched in the fertile mind of the Svengali of Stiffs himself-our own TFG? Me thinks, the answer is decidedly, yes.
    Long time followers have noted your fondness for explicit exaggeration, but it must be noted that Sir Hair Dye Alot was tapped for a mere 38.9 million. If I may extrapolate, that works out to about 20 grand each time his mop was topped. A pittance for 4 years of one legged British fuckery, if indeed, one is into that sort of kink..

  2. Funny comment. I have updated post. You should have a blog. (Or if you already do, let me know.)