Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cameron Diaz is "Always traveling for cock." Clay Aiken says, "Is that all it takes to get noticed these days?"

I haven't given much thought to Cameron Diaz since she debuted in The Mask in 1994.  Jim Carrey's career was skyrocketing and Ms. Diaz didn't have to do much but look hot  and dance around with her smoking ass in a tight dress.  Her subsequent films were basically chick flicks.  Ho-hum.

Cameron Diaz 
A fantasy to box your goofy to.

Cameron Diaz.
After a long flight during cock hunting season.

Sixteen years later, Cameron, 37, has a new movie coming out.  (Knight and Day with an equally past his prime, Tom Cruise.  Not exactly a can't miss combination for coaxing the ten-spot out of the wallet of a recession weary public.)

But this is Hollywood where the creation of buzz is a lot more creative than acutal moviemaking, so Cameron took a roofie and a shot of sodium pentathol and went for a sit down with Playboy Magazine.  (Question:  Is the summer movie going demographic reading an old school stoke mag like Playboy?  Oh, wait.  Nobody reads Playboy, or even wanks to it much anymore.)

The skilled Playboy interviewer was able to coax some nuggets out of the delightful derrierre of the demure Ms. Diaz.  The quote that has the collective boner of the interwebs all a' throbbing is this one.  "Oh, gosh, I can't even count how many times I've gotten on a plane for love.  It's not unusual in this business; my lifestyle demands it.  I'm always traveling for cock.  You've got to go where it is."

Wow!  I would have thought that if you were Cameron Diaz the cock would come to you.  Not to mention come on you.  (She did look pretty good with a load of spoo goo in her hair in There's Something About Mary.)

Other highlights from the interview are that she is not a lesbian but she's open to having sex with women.  That is my kind of lipstick lesbian, and how.  Likes dick and vadge, but mostly dick.  Also, caveman sex gets a thumbs up and her ass will make a featured appearance on film again if given the right role.

When you sex it up with hubby five times a day,
you have to work at least one session into your pool time. 
Fuck me shoes and lube required, of course. 

In other celebrity there's-nothing-private-about-my-life news.  Melanie Brown aka Mel B aka Scary Spice tells George Lopez (a not funny comic who's developed a talent for getting C-list celebutard famewhores to talk about everything from their vaginas to their sex lives) that she keeps her rockin' bod rock hard by...are you ready?  Shagging!!  Yes, Mel and her exhausted husband make the beast with two backs five times a day.  Or just three times on a day when her schedule is otherwise full.  She is a mom, after all.  Beats the shit out of a recumbent bike or a Bowflex, I can tell 'ya.  How does her husband, music producer Stephen Belafonte, feel about his wife putting his sexy bidness out dere in da street?  He has no comment, but like most guys I'm sure he's perfectly OK with the world knowing what a studmuffin he is.

h/t Huffpo which I always thought was a political website, but has become the go-to place for breaking celebrity sex news.

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