Friday, June 11, 2010


For some reason with this new template some of my links are not highlighting.  They are there, but they don't highlight until the cursor rolls over them.  Error messages keep popping up whenever Cheyenne, my tech gal tries to fix them.  Bear with me.  For now if you want the links to the stories, you have to roll your cursor over obvious places.  I know this is a major pain in the ass.

I am tired and I'm tired of fucking around with this.  Cheyenne has left in a huff.  I'll offer her drugs in the morning after her shift on the pole to see if she'll come back and fix it.

Update:  Looks like I solved it.  Something wrong with that hot red background.  Who needs Cheyenne?  I'd fire her ass, but she's easy on the eyes and works cheap.

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