Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Drunken lesbian wife beating husbands...they're just like drunken hetero wife beating husbands.

Lesbian marital bliss sometimes goes as stinky sour as the heteronormative kind.  Oregon Assistant Attorney General Susan Gerber, 40, was arrested for punching and choking out her wife, Janice Dulle, 38, last Friday night.  According to the story, Janice, confronted her husband, Susan, about some cheatin' goin' on with another woman of the sapphic persuasion.  Susan then told her wife to mind her own business with a shot to the face and some neck bruises.  Damn, this kind of passion is beginning to sound kind of hot.  Or at least it would be if one of the lesbians didn't look like this.

Susan Gerber.  
Somebody order up a piss test stat,
because that is a meth face if I ever saw one. 
Also, she lives in Oregon.  Case closed. 

Pronoun-wise I'm going by what the story says.  I guess these two have worked out the husband/wife thing.  Is that determined by who wears the strap-on?  I'm always a little confused about these roles when gay marriage is involved.

Anyhoohoo.  Susan, like most members of the spouse-battering community is a boozer along with being a flannel shirt skirt chaser.  That's right.  Susan has admitted that she has had a long running dalliance with Demon Rum.  After she was sprung from the lockup, Susan wisely hied herself off to a rehab facility.

I'd wager that nothing much more than a slap on the wrist will come of this.  First of all, it sounds like Janice wants to kiss, make up and get back to scissoring.

And, in oh-so-politically-correct Oregon, Susan is a three-fer.

She's a woman.  She's a lesbian.  She's an alcoholic ("Hey, I gotta disease...boohoohooo!).

Oh yeah.  She's also a card carrying member of the local legal/law enforcement system.  That's a get out of jail free card right there.

I just took a poll of the guys in my office.  
This is what proper drunken lesbians look like. 

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  1. To the writer of these posts- I have the misfortune of living in Oregon since 1993. The Susan Gerber case is an especially upsetting situation to me because there is so much more to this issue,and the injustice of her getting out of everything and as the Oregonian said, "So happy to get back to work judging others". Anyone else would be rotten in jai, indicted,fines, classes, fees, jail time 1-2 yrs of court and Probation here NOT HER ! and what does MADD say about her and the other useless drunken and drugged out attorneys in Oregon especially court appt ones, " its a state bar matter. MADD is only MADD, at common people. And Oregon has a country club, private addictions program they can hide with immunity from their crimes and behavior ( do tax payers pay for this or the revenue they collect to incarcerate common people ??) and since when do you have witnesses to a crime of this level with strangling ( a misdemeanor in Or, AND WHAT LEGISLATOR WROTE THIS TO SAVE THEIR OWN SORRY ASS ?)but what she did was indictable, the DA did not take it there as STATE VS. GERBER anyone else they would have RUN TO THE GRAND JURY TO DO THEM IN. Yes, Oregon like Ohio and other place is a cesspool but Oregon is a Special one.....it actually has proven history to use it as an experimental state. I would like to show you this evidence and talk to you so please email me @ intolerablebehavior@yahoo.com