Monday, February 1, 2010

So I guess the only Man on Man action at the Super Bowl will be on the field.

I suspected this had to be a joke when it was first proposed.  The ad for the gay dating site as been rejected by CBS for it's Super Bowl telecast.  (I don't care either way.  My lack of interest in sports is well documented.)

I suspect this is why the NFL has such a large gay following.

Well, duh.  For god's sake, the country shit a major brick when a middle aged pop singer's nip and booby popped out during halftime a few years back.  And they're going to give the greenlight for an ad that shows two dudes tongue kissing each other?  Uh, I don't think so.

Although the folks behind (tee hee) ManCrunch said they had the 2.5 million bucks to air the ad I'm really skeptical.  But more power to ManCrunch, they got tons of publicity for free.

Below is the ad.  I know I'm not the demographic for this thing but this looks like it cost about $4.00 to produce.  And that's mostly for the potato chips.

Do gay guys really need dating sites?  I thought that was what gay bars and highway rest stop bathrooms were for?

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