Monday, March 1, 2010

Well, he's not ready to join Zhora in rehab, but...

President Obambi had his first by gosh official presidential physical and got a relatively clean bill of health for a 48 year old man.  I'm surprised that he had one at all.  Do deities requires physicals just like mortal people?

"Godammit, Michelle, get off my ass. 
I'm just having a little smoke break"

The big news is (because it is rarely mentioned in the lapdog press) that the God-That-Walks-Among-Us is still enslaved to those little white tubes of happiness and relaxation.  Remember this, folks.  When somebody is chipping with cigarettes and they tell you they only smoke eight a day.  Double it.  At least.

I don't really care if Obambi puffs away like a dirty coal chimney.  The Funeral Guy was a heavy smoker from age 13 to 39 and god bless 'em, I loved the little devils, and gave them up only to stop some incessant nagging.

But can you imagine if it was a Republican president that smoked?  All you would ever hear was how stupid and undisciplined he was.

And what about that last sentence regarding the doctors also recommending "moderation of alcohol intake".  !!!!!!???????  Are they saying that The Bamster needs to cut down on the boozing?  You'd think that would be a story, wouldn't you?  Although if I were the president and was watching My Glorious Agenda circling the shitter as fast as this one is, I'd be hitting the bottle pretty good too.

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