Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two hours until "Earth Hour". I'm gonna save the world!!!!!

8:30 local time is when every dewy-eyed doofus in the world will turn out his lights so he can sit in the dark and contemplate what a wonderful person he is.  Bummer...with no electricity how will he be able to listen to John Lennon sing "Imagine" to enhance the experience?  (Does iPod battery power count against your carbon footprint?)

Mrs. Funeral Guy and I will be doing our bit by watching a movie from Netflix on my big ass TV while my supposedly adult step-kids burn every fucking light in the house since they have never learned that every "on" switch has an opposite "off" switch.  

Seriously though, I think this display of moral preening is so stupid that I may multiply my disdain by going outside and putting my Christmas lights back up.  

The humble abode of The Funeral Guy family. 
Happy Earth Hour!!!

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