Monday, March 1, 2010

This would be like Barack Obama appointing Jillian Barberie Secretary of State.

I don't know how the government of Italy works, but damn, awesome doesn't begin to describe its political party (and I do mean party) system.  Now we're not talking national GDP, military might, foreign policy, taxes or any of that unimportant stuff.  My actual knowledge of Italy is pretty limited, but I'll assume that it's just another cookie cutter Eurotrash socialist shithole of corruption with nice old buildings that will soon take it's unsustainable demographic dump into the toilet of history.

That being said, the way they run their parliamentary elections is totally wack and entertaining.  Not like the oh-so-serious Barack and the stuffy Democrat and Republican hacks that we have stinking up our politics here in the states.

Italy's prime minister is 73 year-old gazillionaire, Silvio Berlusconi.  He's a horny old goat who's had many mistresses and is currently separated from his second wife who is contemplating divorce.  Corruption charges are as common to Berlusconi as his VERY young female "friends", but like most rich, powerful men, the shit never sticks.  (When you go to the link, scroll through the slideshow of Silvio Berlusconi's Women.  Yowza!!!!  This guy must buy Viagra by the truckload.)

Now the fun part.  Check out some of the candidates that the prime minister's party (hilariously named The People of Freedom Party) is putting forward in the coming (tee hee) elections.

Check out the first candidate for the northern region of Lombardy.  This is Nicole Minetti, 25, ex-showgirl and now dental hygienist.  (What is the wait time for an appointment with this dentist? The hygienist dresses like a naughty schoolgirl, for god's sake!!)

Next up, running in the southern region of Campania, Giovanna Del Guidice, former TV weather girl and current nightclub hostess.   I must say her breasts look very suitable for government work.

And lastly, Emanuela Romano, 29, who was dropped from the ticket last year which caused her to cry and her father to set himself on fire.  (WHAT THE FUCK!!??  Who knows?  They're Italians.)   This one is a little overdressed, but I'm imagining a thong and garter belt underneath the professional attire.  Right guys?

Do these women have any qualifications?  Who the hell cares!   They're hot Italian broads.

Hard to believe this is the same country that the Pope lives in.

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