Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is Washington trying to become the next Florida?

Crazy shit in the State of Washington.

Can anyone please explain to me the appeal that guys in prison have for some women.  Some woman married the fucking Night Stalker Richard Ramirez for chrissakes.  The Menendez brothers even managed to score a couple of wives.

Six and a half years ago a shitbird named Dominick Maldonado shot up the Tacoma Mall and wounded seven people including one victim who is now confined to a wheelchair.  A real sweetheart this guy.  Well, one woman thinks he is.  Quynh Maldonado is the blushing bride of Dominick after marrying him in a ceremony at Clallam Bay Prison where he is serving 163 years.  Talk about a deferred honeymoon.  While most of us would look at Dominick Maldonado and see a scum sucking criminal, Quynh sees the love of her life.  The thing that gives this story it's hook is the fact that...and there is no other way to put it...Quynh is shit hot prime trim.  Young and sexy.  If you watch the video the producers shoot Quynh like the beginning of a soft porn vid on Skinemax.  Fuck me heels and a short tight skirt with the accent on her full mouth and the glossy lips. Usually most of the broads in these prison relationships are fat, old spinsters with severe issues.  Not that Quynh is devoid of problems such as the fact that she is dumb as the proverbial bag o' hammers.

The lovely Quyhn and her prison paramour. 

She fell instantly in love with Dominick when she saw him on TV and started writing to him when she was 17.  She had plenty of time on her hands since she "quit school in ninth grade 'cause I couldn't stand the whole bullying thingy."  She's currently a little mifffed at her hubby because he tried to break out of prison (with another inmate who was killed in the attempt) and now they can't see each other for another year.  (And conjugal visits were just around the corner.  Hubba hubba.)  He's now been transferred to another prison and being held in maximum security.  So the only sex Dominick will be having will be with himself.

But Quyhn can't stay mad at her hoodlum heartthrob because he did it to be with her, you see.  Now I happen to think this little sex kitten is an attention whore who is not going to forgo male attention (i.e. fucking) until Dominick is up for parole when he's 96.  So is Quyhn crazy?  "No, but I'm just like crazy in love with him."  Aaaaawwwwwwww.....

For some reason the video wouldn't embed but here is a link without the commercial.  Guys, you can start rubbing yourself at around the 1:15 mark.  The hot legs shot is about 1:45.

More Washington State jail Fuckery.

Mark Gilbert is the kind of guy that really doesn't want to end up in prison.  Beyond the normal reasons even.  You see Mark has been charged with sexing up the young boys and videoing the action.  Uh oh, real nasty criminals frown on this kind of stuff.

What makes this interesting is Gilbert is acting as his own attorney.  And you know what attorneys are allowed to do don't you?  They get to review the evidence against their clients.  Mr. Gilbert is a lawyer with Mark as a client.  Which means Mark the Molester (alleged, of course) gets to sit around all day and watch his kiddie porn under the auspices of his jailers.  Hahahahaha!  Isn't the majesty of the law grand?
"Make no mistake -- I don't like it," said Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor. "But it is not my choice whether to do it or not to do it. There's no question that I don't like it. There's no question that this makes me grind my teeth. 
"We don't like it. We don't want to do it, but we have to follow the law. The fix here is to change the law," said Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist.

Mark Gilbert watching his favorite videos. 
You don't want to see what his hands are up to.  

Just to make sure the other prisoners don't get their popcorn and sit down to enjoy the show, Gilbert has to do his viewing in a separate room.   Which I'm sure suits him just fine.    

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