Monday, July 18, 2011

Let's get this get this party started...Florida style!

Parents are such a draaaaaggggg, man.  All you want to do is have a little summer fun.  Party hearty at the home of the parental units.  And they say no.  Ya' just wanna kill 'em.

And that's precisely what 17-year old Tyler Hadley did.  (Allegedly.)  After a party for 40-60 of his friends police in Port St. Lucie, Florida went to the home of Blake and Mary Jo Hadley on a tip and found them locked in the master bedroom along with a bloody hammer.   Need I add that they were no longer among the living?  Their ungrateful little wretch of a son has been arrested for the crime and charged with two counts of murder in the first degree.

 "Hey dad, before you go all unconscious and shit, 
can you tell me where mom is?  

I guess it's lucky Tyler locked the bedroom door.  In a party that big you know some horny, shit-faced couple were searching around for a place to get busy.  Tripping over a couple of bludgeoned stiffs is a sure fire mood killer.

An autopsy is scheduled to determine the exact cause of death.  (Note to coroner:  Look for bloody swollen faces and crescent shaped wounds.  It's called blunt force trauma in case you've never seen this before.)    

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  1. Tyler will no doubt throw himself on the mercy of the court, because he is an orphan.