Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wu! Wu! Democrat congressman he likey the young trim.

Oregon congressman David Wu likes his snoochy the old fashioned way.  Up close and personal.  Unlike fellow disgraced congressman Democrat Anthony Wiener who just harassed women with pictures of his turgid love muscle, Representative Wu, 56, of Oregon has been accused of an "unwanted sexual encounter" (whatever the fuck that entails) with a teenaged girl.  If I had to guess I would say that meant breast groping, probing slobbery tongue and maybe some hands up the skirt, but something short of rape.  The girl left a distraught, breathless voicemail last spring at the congressman's office where she described the incident.  We are, of course, awaiting the hot and heavy details.  It is known that the incident happened around Thanksgiving and involved the daughter of a donor and the girl was a recent high school graduate and had just registered to vote.  This is important spin in establishing the non-jailbait factor, but does nothing to alleviate the creepy old pervert factor.  Putting the mash moves on a donor's young daughter? Hasn't Mr. Wu heard about not shitting where you eat?  Could this be enough to make the donor (not to mention his daughter) vote Republican?

 He's no Justin Bieber, but the power of even a backbencher 
congressman can be like catnip to hot young high school babes. 

Wu has a reputation for serial weirdness stretching back over his career.  He was accused of sexually assaulting a former girlfriend when they attended Stanford in 1976.  He is separated from his wife who is seeking a divorce.  Shortly before the 2010 election bizarre emails and phone calls were sent to staff and even included a picture of himself in a tiger suit.  After his re-election many of the staff quit and Rep. Wu has been treated for unspecified mental health problems ever since.

Hold that tiger!  No mental issues here. 

Of this latest dust-up, Mr. Wu admits "this is very serious" but that whatever occurred was "consensual".  Next thing you know Rep. Wu will be telling us that "she was just asking for it with that short skirt and over the knee stockings."

Not the schoolgirl in question, but damn I love this picture.

David Wu represents a fairly safe, liberal district that includes Portland.  And he does have the cachet of being the first Chinese-American to serve in congress.  But I would imagine that even the "anything goes" lefties that are his constituency may draw the line at a 56-year old degenerate satyr pawing the nubile girly parts of a chick just out of high school.

My money is on Congressman Wu being ex-Congressman Wu by the end of the week.


  1. That does it! If I have to see Wu's mug every time I go to your website one more time, I will delete you from my favorites. Where are you???

  2. "You'd do some things before you go in." It doesn't matter. If it hasn't happened by now then fuck it.
    This is why I will never respect them::They held me back. "It's not our fault." Since they claim someone gave me biotechnology they accept no culpability and people's loss is forever.
    Why even bother? You just wanted to fuck me up? Or does this qualify as washing your hands in your mind?
    You sick motherfuckers are monsters. Fuck you.
    I embrace my penticle and wish ill upon the gods.

  3. A beautiful person. He will be remembered.