Wednesday, July 13, 2011

(Sigh) Rodney...Rodney...Rodney...

Rodney King.
The latest in a long line of police portraits. 

Rodney King, habitual criminal, serial drunk driver and civil rights icon, was arrested (yet again) by Moreno Valley (CA) police for DUI yesterday.  This was a misdemeanor charge since luckily he didn't kill or injure anybody and Rodney was released on $2500 bail.  The 46-year old King, who received a 3.8 million dollar settlement after being the recipient of some LAPD street justice after a high speed chase in 1991, has been in and out of trouble since 1987.  I'm just mentioning the date for those bleeding hearts who insist that Rodney was an A-OK citizen until the nasty LA cops beat the shit out of him.  Keep in mind that a number of Rodney's arrests involved violence towards women.  Nice.  Since the 1991 beatdown Rodney has spent his settlement money on booze and getting in trouble.

I came to know Rodney as a well-meaning but dimwitted rumdum from his stint on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.  (Along with now deceased rehab mate Kevin Conaway.)  Favorite scene:  Rodney puking by the tire of his work truck while being painfully hungover in the middle of his workday.

So good luck, Mr. King.  This is just a misdemeanor bump in the road in your illustrious career as an unending fuck-up in the Game of Life.  Lesson for the rest of us?  If you are serious about your recovery don't do your rehabbing in front of a camera under the celebrity tutelage of Dr. Drew.

Go here for a complete list of Rodney's run-ins with Johnnie Law.

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