Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just the thing for the Traditional Catholic Funeral Mass.

Classic steam bath poses for a 
fun-filled fapfest at your fabulous funeral.

Hellllllooooo Frisco!!!!!!  Gay-themed coffins are cumming your way.  Men who love men and want to spend eternity surrounded by images of more men (of the oily nude variety) now have their heavenly vessel.

Mike Konigfeld and his partner (in both senses) Tom Brandi, designers in Cologne, Germany have coffins (we call 'em caskets in this country, pardner) that are tastefully adorned with muscular young men graphics that are sure to put the stiffie on your stiff.

I'm certain that for a few extra Euros, your friendly flaming funeral director will casket you pantsless, face-down and biting the pillow.

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